The Land Lot Finder's Fee

August 5th, 2021

by Carol Niemeyer

Middlemen, like land lot finders, can post US land lot pictures on RELP Bulletin Board; and earn a finder’s fee for every land lot that real estate developers decide to purchase and develop. Land lot finder’s fees are oftentimes pre-established fees, say $8,000 per lot; or sometimes land lot finders are paid a % of the total deal that is sold/developed. In any case, the real estate developer really will be the party that determines how this works.

Man in Farm

To find out more about land lot finder fees read these two articles:

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   How to Make Money Locating Property for a Finder's Fee - see

To post a land lot owners land picture on RELP Bulletin Board you must first ask the land lot owner to sign a simple, one page, finder's fee contract. See this link to locate a free finder's fee contract:

   Finder's Fee Contract ( bottom half of the page) -

Land Lot Finder's Fee contracts are, also, on the web should you desire to use a different contract.

RELP Bulletin Board makes it possible for individuals promoting land lots near US towns and cities, or in US towns and cities, to earn thousands of dollars annually bringing together land lot owners and real estate developers to create new real estate developments. And it’s a real estate development era, too. So, do the hustle - or the business side-hustle, anyway; and try RELP Bulletin Board!