Sport's Companies Just Make Money!

July 8th, 2021

by Carol Niemeyer

Sport’s companies are great cash-cows.  That's right. They produce great cash-flow, just like apartments, retail strips, shopping centers,
and office-warehouses.  And Americans love sport’s companies, like
golf driving ranges, tennis centers, ski resorts, motocross race tracks, baseball academies, basketball and football camps, fitness centers,
4-wheeler parks, and on and on.

Golf Bags

So, sport’s companies, typically, produce a nice profit annually; and with ease.  And sport’s companies are great city economic development boosters that home builders and corporate business owner’s just love.

A sport’s business , like a golf driving range, built in a smart location, that offers group lessons, can easily earn between $1-$2 million a year. And ding-ding-ding, $1-$2 million dollars in earnings a year happens to be the kind of numbers that limited partner investors are looking for! Sport’s companies are oftentimes companies built on large parcels of land; and land owners are oftentimes interested in becoming sport’s company general partners. When this happens, the companies general partners don’t even have to purchase the land, up front. And because sport’s companies are oftentimes built on large tracts of land, when the owners finally liquidate the business, their acreage usually sells for a nice capital gain, too.

American's are with it; and staying in shape is IN. So, if you’re looking for a good company to develop, then you need to consider developing a fun, neat, sport’s company.